Steve Hackett is renowned as an immensely talented and innovative rock musician. As lead guitarist with the star-strewn line-up of 1970s Genesis he made an indelible impression on the fabric of classic rock, demonstrating an unparalleled emotional and technical range that spanned the delicacy of Horizons and the masterful solo of Firth Of Fifth. Parting company with Genesis in 1977, Steve embarked on a solo career that has spawned literally dozens of albums, drawing on influences from blues, jazz, classical and ethnic music.  Along the way he has collaborated with many of the music  world’s leading lights, Steve Howe, Brian May, John Wetton and Paul Carrack chief amongst them, and has been cited by countless guitarists as a major influence. 1997’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, was much admired by Yehudi Menuhin and along with Tribute, a dazzlingly virtuosic recording of Bach repertoire, helped to cement Steve’s position as a leading exponent of the classical guitar. In March 2010, Steve was inducted into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in New York, a fitting testimony to a world class musician and public recognition of his stature as both performer and composer.After forty prolific years in the business Steve might be forgiven for taking things easy but the last four years have been the busiest and most productive for a long while. 2009’s studio album Out Of The Tunnel’s Mouth was released to an overwhelmingly positive response from fans and reviewers alike, and has conspicuously bucked the trend of a diminishing CD market. September 2011 saw the release of an eagerly awaited successor, Beyond The Shrouded Horizon, bearing all the nuance and majesty that fans have come to expect. Drawn from a hectic touring schedule, April 2011’s Live Rails, recorded across three continents, showcases the rich musical heritage from which the current live electric band set is drawn. Perennial Genesis favourites such as the mighty Firth Of Fifth sit alongside solo classics, while more recent material, with much of Out Of The Tunnel’s Mouth now included, demonstrate that Steve is an artist very much at the very top of his game. His latest album basks in the title of 'Genesis Revisited II’. A follow-up to 1996’s 'Genesis Revisited’, as the title suggests, it sees the guitarist reinterpreting the golden era of the great band - one in which he was crucially involved – while also remaining true to the original spirit which produced such a remarkable string of timeless songs. This will be a double CD, as well as a quadruple set on vinyl. That’s nearly 150 minutes of music – "It’s a project of Wagnerian proportions!" says Hackett.

The album is released on October 22nd 2012, and will be followed by a worldwide tour in 2013.