"All This Life" is OUT NOW!

All This Life is a gleaming 11 track opus of razor sharp songwriting which is produced by Rick McNamara from Embrace and released through Cooking Vinyl.

Tucked away in Sowerby Bridge in Yorkshire, the recording process for All This Life was a much more relaxed affair than its predecessor, All The Plans (2009), and saw a revitalised Starsailor thriving with creativity and having full control on the songs’ development.

“There was less pressure than on All The Plans. We seemed to have a lot more freedom on this record,” says drummer Ben Byrne. With All This Life, the band felt that the shadow of major labels watching over them had gone. “This felt more like let's give it everything we've got but try and enjoy the process as much as possible. We felt fortunate to be back in the studio,” says Walsh.

We had a real buzz again and everyone was playing really well and enjoying the vibe. We just wanted to make the best record we possibly could,” adds Byrne.

Having always been focused heavily on their songwriting craft (Walsh has also written for the likes of Pixie Geldof, Eliza Doolittle, Tom Speight, Jessarae, Mel C, Professor Green and more), All This Life is a glowing testament to the creative ethic that Starsailor have held in high regard since their inception.

Acclaimed over the years for the raw and personal lyrics that have always been an integral part of Starsailor’s music, the new album features some of their most personal writing yet, with Walsh tackling heartbreak and grief through his pen.

As he reveals, “Both myself and Rick were going through emotional turmoil and relationship break ups so it was a cathartic experience for us. I think the message of the album is to keep going. It's going to be alright. Mental health is at the forefront of the conversation these days. I hope people listen and realise that everyone goes through shit no matter how seemingly good their life is and that they can find comfort from that.” 

One of the key tracks on the album is ‘F.I.A (Fuck It All)’, a song as emotionally charged and convincing as any they have ever recorded. A rousing anthem of letting go of emotional baggage and the ties that hold us back, it’s a message chiming with positivity in the face of hardship… something that had resonance for the band both personally and professionally.

It’s no secret that the music industry has moved on enormously in the 17 years since Starsailor first emerged, but the band are rejuvenated with a new lease of life and a fresh outlook. “I think it's almost come full circle where we're more relevant than our middle period. I think people learn to appreciate how good a band is when new artists come and go but your influence and fan base stays.” says Walsh.

Expectations are very dangerous when it comes to chart placing and have lead to really low points for me. We just want as many people to like it as possible, and to value every person that does. It's a massive tonic regardless of radio or sales when there's loads of people singing the words back.”

The band’s triumphant return this year started with them playing at both the Isle of Wight Festival and at Hyde Park’s BST alongside Phil Collins and Blondie, before they set off on their own headline tour in October.

“The ultimate goal with this album is to hopefully satisfy our fans, and prove to ourselves that we can still do what we do well,” concludes keyboardist Barry Westhead. “If we get new fans on board along the way that would be great. If we get the chance to make another record after this one, it would mean we have achieved what we have set out to do with this album. That to me would be success.”