The Corrs are back and it’s like they’ve never been away.

Ireland’sfinest, played a triumphant show, their first for ten years, in Hyde Park onSunday.

They release a brand new studio album November 27th on East West Records, and kick off a UK tour January 19th at the Birmingham Genting Arena.This is their first major album release since 'Borrowed Heaven’ in 2004 and the subsequent world tour.

TheCorrs – Andrea (lead vocals), Sharon (violin, vocals), Caroline (drums, piano,vocals), Jim (guitar, piano, vocals)- have sold over 30 million albums sincetheir 1995 debut 'Forgiven Not Forgotten’. The sound of the Corrs is unique, anenchanting mix of traditional Celtic music with a pop rock twist. Over the lastten years they have spent time with their families while Sharon and Andrea alsopursued solo careers. For most of this year, they have been working in Londonon their forthcoming new album 'White Light’.